Welcome To The Alleppey United Club

The history of The Alleppey United Club dates back to the British Colonial era. Those were the times when all the clubs in the country were exclusive to the British and were referred to as “English Clubs”. To facilitate club culture and club facilities for the citizens of Alleppey, some of the prominent citizens thought about to open up a Club and the result was  -” The Alleppey United Club”..

If buildings could talk, Alleppey United Club could keep one enthralled for quite a while. AUC took shape in September 1929. AUC is considered a fitting reply of our founding fathers to the membership denial by the European clubs of yester years. Over the last 9 decades, these heroic stories have been told and retold to generations. We, proudly are part of a legacy.

With a majority of second and third generation members, AUC is considered a second home by many. The badminton court, the billiards room and the passionate 28 and 56 teams have a legacy of their own. All linked to legends and stories. The ladies wing has stood as a pillar of strength through the ages, breathing life to the family side of AUC.

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Strategically Located In The Heart Of New Developments

The club’s location is on the Alleppey Beach, near the most popular Alleppey Beach frequented by the tourists who choose to come to Alleppey. The Club is stone’s throw from the newly constructed Alleppey bypass. The club is close to the New Entertainment Part ‘Amaze World which abuts the Club wall bus stand

  • Alleppey Beach
  • Alleppey Lighthouse
  • Alleppey Backwater


Our Facilities


Membership to the Club is available only through an existing member. The proposing member needs to pick up a form and carry out the required procedures for any individual he/she intends to introduce to the Club

Badminton Court


Billiards Room